Book recommendation: The Humans

One of my favourite things in the world is to curl up with a book.

Even better, doing so with a cup of tea and the sounds of gentle rain falling outside.

That is what I’ve been doing all morning, reading a lovely novel: The Humans by Matt Haig.  I absolutely adored this book and learning that the idea was sparked while he suffered from panic disorder just made me love it all the more.  In brief form, it is a tale of an alien among humans and discovering what it is to be human.  The revelations and insights that emerge are beautiful and poetic.  If you are looking for a tale to both take you away and ground you, in equal measure, this is it.

The link above to the review at The Speculative Scotsman contains a much more in depth review and summary than I have.  I’ll just keep it simple and recommend you read this book if you want to feel connected, sweetly, to our common human journey.