NaBloPoMo #30 – I made it!

My final NaBloPoMo post…

I think I’m supposed to say how much I loved this challenge and how much I have grown as a writer.  That’s only partly true and maybe even a very small part.  There were both good and bad things about undertaking NaBloPoMo for sure.

The bad first (so that I can end on a good note!):

  • I miss reading other blogs!  I got so focused on writing and pumping out the posts that I haven’t felt connected to the little corners of the Internet that I usually frequent.

  • I’m not sure that the quality of my writing was really upto snuff – I tended to keep things short (for both my own benefit and that of my readers).  Because of this, I feel that I didn’t always explore ideas to their fullest.
  • It was tiring to have to keep writing and generating new ideas.  It will be a relief to relax back in to posts once or twice a week again.
  • I felt that some of the posts that felt particularly significant or ponder-worthy to me ended up having few comments, likely because they got lost in the sheer volume for readers to check out.

The good:

  • I made new friends – that has been a major joy from this process.  It’s been fun “meeting” new people, even if I feel that I wasn’t able to read as much of them as I would like as I was too busy writing 😉
  • It did teach me that I was capable of writing more than I would have believed.

  • It stretched me to write on subjects and themes that I may not have otherwise addressed since I didn’t have time to just wait for inspiration to arise.
  • It taught me the importance of scheduling and how that can relieve the pressure to post.  This is something I will likely do more of in the future.  Write when inspired but maybe not publish right away so that I can pace my output.
  • I realized that I prefer less frequent posting.  I see that I like for people to have a few days to read and comment and, as I noted above, if I post too often, “good” posts get lost in the deluge.

So there you have it.  Thirty days of posting completed, likely to never be done again. 🙂  Thanks for hanging in there with me to the end my friends; I am looking forward to reconnecting with many of you in December.

4 Replies to “NaBloPoMo #30 – I made it!”

  1. Life Breath Present

    I got so behind in reading other blogs. I wanted to participate more than I did. It sure was tough. I’m not sure why, just tonight, I’m considering playing a bit with some other blog-a-thons in December….I really must have lost my mind or something. I know that anything I might participate in other than the 2 linkups I already started, it’ll be at my pace lol 🙂

    I’m really glad to have found your blog during NaBloPoMo though!! 😀

    • onebreath Post author

      Thanks! I’m glad we met as well – that was definitely one of the positives of this process. Good luck on your linkups 🙂

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