Fresh Air



I feel I am a cliche in stopping for so long and then shyly creeping back, but here I am.

It’s been quite the few months… an amazing vacation to Europe, a desperate try at reconciliation with my ex, a new business venture, and the ultimate break-up of the relationship (no contact for over a month – crazy!).  Lots of ups and downs.  The break-up has hit me hard (you’d think this time would be easier, but it’s not.  More familiar, yes.  But not less painful).  The new career activity is exciting and terrifying and exhilirating and overwhelming all at once.

Then there is the eating disorder.

I’m both embarrassed and proud in that respect.  Embarrassed that it is still a very active issue.  Proud that since the break-up I have actively devoted time and energy to recovery (the relationship would always pull off that attention).

The busy-ness of life means I am choosing to spend much of my time in areas of my life beyond this site.  However, my therapist has been encouraging me to resume celebrating the wins in my recovery journey.  I decided the place for me to do that is here.

I plan to use this space to record my little wins and my big wins. I have lots of places and people that help me to process the challenges and this will be my place to acknowledge the successes.


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  1. Erika

    I’ve been thinking about you! It’s good to hear an update! I’m sorry about the pain of your breakup and some other struggles, but I feel like I can “hear” a spirit of strength and positivity that’s increased even in this update! And that’s another win too! This trip sounds interesting and would be fun to hear about and I am looking forward to witnessing and encouraging your wins! 🙂

    • onebreath Post author

      Thanks Erika! When I got back from my trip, I just didn’t feel connected to this space and so I never started up writing again. You are actually an inspiration as I love how you have re-invented yourself online numerous times – it serves as a good reminder for me that it’s okay to be dynamic and changing and that doing so reflects our personal journey and is not some failing in consistency. So thank you for the welcome and for your courage.

  2. Life Breath Presrnt

    Hi!! I’m so glad to see you back here again. I’ve wondered what happened to you. I’m happy to read that overall things are going well. Yes, I also mean about the relationship with the ex being final. Congratulations to you! Plus, you stuck it out in terms of your personal well-being and recovery. That’s just wonderful! 🙂

    Anyway, I’ll stop rambling now. I look forward to hearing more about your life.

    • onebreath Post author

      I love your rambling – don’t ever stop! 🙂 Thanks for being here and for welcoming me… the support is much appreciated.

  3. Violet

    Welcome back! I took a mini-break earlier this year, too, and getting back to the blog was like visiting an old friend- a bit awkward at first, but then you realize how much you missed each other and life picks right on up moving forward. 🙂

    • onebreath Post author

      Thank you! I like how you put that and it truly fits. And like the old friends that are the good friends, it is a relief to simply pick up again without being judged for my absence.

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