Coconut Oil

I decided to jump on the coconut oil bandwagon 🙂  I tried out a little for my stir fry yesterday.  I’m working on keeping momentum so I’ll try for a bit more today.

I am holding in my mind the wise words of my therapist “I need to gain weight in order to be well”.  Plus, I remind myself “I want to be well to fully live and experience my best life”.

I’ve got a whole jar of coconut oil (scary for me!) – let me know if you have any favourite uses…

2 Replies to “Coconut Oil”

  1. Life Breath Presrnt

    Oh how coconut on has so many uses….. put it in smoothies or if juicing. Just eat it off a spoon (not too much). Use it to make toothpaste or lotion. It can be put on a wound to help heal. 🙂

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